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The Laxström tragedy

From this article

The family had been saving for years so that they could go all out on their oldest son, Niko’s (the boy in the white T-shirt), nineteenth birthday. The day came and what would the family do? Would they go to a fancy restaurant? Would they travel abroad? No, this day was way too special for a small time celebration like that for a family like this.

After the Taco buffét it was time for dessert, vanilla pudding – Niko’s absolute favorite. But oh the tragedy that awaited the family when the pudding package was opened. The pudding was completely covered in mold.

How could something like this happen in the peaceful and beautiful country of Sweden? And why, of all the days in the year, on Niko’s birthday?

Maybe it was God’s way of telling Niko that the fat bastard should lay off the vanilla pudding.

  1. Nadezda
    July 6, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    Niko is Finnish name, are you trying to steal the glory from honest Finnish people? Maybe the Finns are the craziest ones in Sweden, think about that! Ha!

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