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What do Swedish prison interns do when guards forget to lock cells at night?

April 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Article in Swedish
In the article we can read how Yoga-treatments have reduced anger in a Swedish prison. Fantastic article that shows how the Swedish criminal rehabilitation system views criminals. They are just misguided souls with anger management issues. There is an ongoing debate in Sweden on how criminals should be treated; should prison time be rehabilitation or punishment?


Well, here is an argument for rehabilitation (translated from the article):

It’s a lot calmer in our wing these days. Josef talks about the time the guards forgot to lock the interns in their cells for the night:

– Nobody knows what would have happened about a year ago. If we would have had an issue with someone we might have take the chance to kill this person, or vandalise the wing, or over-power the guards and escape. Nothing of this happened. We baked a moist chocolate cake, watched a movie and played cards. Then we built a fortress in the kitchen and then lied down in it.



Well, what can you say. There is a 10-year-old boy in every homocidal prison intern.

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Most popular fashion blogger in Sweden

April 7, 2011 1 comment

The most popular blog in Sweden is Kissie (no fucking way I am linking to her site). I can honestly say that I have never visited the blog, but because it’s one of the biggest blogs in Sweden there is no chance of escaping it.

Her blog is about fashion and celebrity gossip. But please tell me how anyone with half a brain would consider her being an authority on fashion? And why do young girls in Sweden want to look like her?

Maybe it’s like driving past a car accident. You don’t really want to see the gore and blood, but still you can’t look away.

But, you sure as hell don’t want to look like the poor sapp who smashed his face against the windshield.

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The classic: Skogsturken

April 6, 2011 1 comment

This is a true original Swedish youtube classic turned meme: The Turk from the woods (losely translated from the original title “skogsturken”).

The classic phrase “vem var’e?!” (meaning ‘who was it?!’) is now a typical comment used in everyday language when wanting to know who did something, and there has been quite a few remakes of the Skogsturk.

Also, everytime a foreigner with Turkish/Arab appearance in Sweden is caught on tape doing something funny or strange, they will instantly be named something with “turk”. ie. fågelturken “the bird-Turk”

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